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Tauheed Block Development Status

TAUHEED BLOCK SECTOR F are in News For Long Time Because of SECTOR F Affectees Now Bahria Town Delivering This Deal & Development Work Started in First Half they will Develop Those Plots. Possesion Will be Given With in a Year.

Bahria Town has always been known for its mega projects which are well thought and well planned, that is something which makes it the best choice for residence and investment. Once again, Bahria Town is about to deliver what it promised as it has started the on ground development in Tauheed Block located near the famous Eifel tower.

Although the development is in its initial stages but the property prices not only in Tauheed block but in other undeveloped blocks are going to witness an increase. This latest development comes after the mounting pressure from the people who had booked plots in sector F but the ring road project consumed their properties. These people were later compensated and were given plots in Tauheed Block which had no on ground development at the time.


The management has vowed to develop this block on the priority basis which came out as a relief for those who had lost their properties in the Ring road project. Furthermore, it is also going to reinstate the investor’s interest in the society.

Like all the other developed blocks in Bahria Town, this one is going to have all the international standard facilities such as parks, mosque, wide roads and much more. For anyone planning to purchase a property in Bahria Town, Tauheed Block is one of the best options both from investment and residential point of views.

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