Unblock – Restore Bahria town Karachi canceled files – canceled plots

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Unblock – Restore Bahria town Karachi canceled files – canceled plots

Unblock – Restore Bahria town Karachi canceled files – canceled plots. There is a regular process with Bahria town, to cancel the plots files of allotment owners whose owners are unable to pay on time. To prevent property buyers and investors from delaying their payments, developers have to block these files only. A Plot can not be sold nor can a plan be planned until Unblock or restored. Bahria Town is tough when it comes to promoting the principles. Bahria town Karachi, which is currently one of the city’s most real estate developments, has to face the situation with thousands of people paying their payment for their property files. But Bahria town is not completely worried about its investors’ concerns; he has given them the solution to integrate a file – is not a new developer. But does it make it different or unique at this time? Well, to unblock the Bahria town Karachi files at this time, owners need to integrate the DHA Valley Plot files.

Unblock – Restore Bahria town Karachi canceled files – canceled plot

Unblock – Restore Bahria town Karachi canceled files – canceled plotUsing DHA tool, DHA Valley is one of many projects in Bahria town failed. Plots or files in Bahria town Karachi are offering people to integrate DHA Valley files into their payments, this producer starts killing two birds with a stone. With this consent, the developer will be left with a lower number of files to be adjusted to the DA, whereas at the time the owner will show the way to illegally stop their files.


This story began when DHA Real estate agents met Bahria town Director Sales and Marketing Shahid Mahmood Qureshi. These agents had major resorts on slow business activity seen in the sale and purchase of DHA Valley plot files. Qureshi has suggested that Bahria town offers an adjustment plan for the canceled files – canceled plots in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria town CEO Malik Riaz to approve the contact with the contact on this video. Accepting Riaz’s offer was no problem, and it was approved. Please note, Bahria town is not yet issuing a circular in this regard.

It was decided in the meeting that the Bahria town will allow DHA to integrate 5,000 valley files.

Soon later, a sudden increase in demand for cheap files in the DHA Valley was seen. These files are basically of those blocks whose location has not been revealed because the Bahria town never bought the land for those blocks. Before launching the activity, these files had a market rate under the launch price. Priority was based on the fact that Bahria town Karachi, together with Karachi, when its launch price is adjusted. According to every source, these files were more profitable to buy.

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