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Property Market in Pakistan

The Property Market in Pakistan has suffered alot in the recent past due to number of reasons , mainly the instability of political situation in Pakistan has kept the authorities in an envelope of miss management.
As the government failed to provide for the ever increasing demand of residential land and projects, a lot of private developers took the initiative to turn “dreams to reality” sometimes “nightmares”. As bad as we think the situation in Pakistan is it’s not that bad after all.

Property MarketProperty Market The private sector has blessed us with outstanding and marvelous resdencial projects. Mainly to name a few #DHA #BahriaTown clearly stand out, due to their consistent delivery of the promised land, development standards and maintenance.
As the trends change in the property industry, the importance of high rise buildings has now hit Pakistan. In the last decade we have seen an intense change in the architecture of major cities like Lahore Karachi and Islambad. A number of huge mega malls have been built and appreciated by the public in return. This gives the developers of these mega projects confidence and an itch to surprise us.


As the property market puts the right foot first, we are in for a surprise. More and more High rise buildings will be built as the mega cities are starved for living space. Although they are expanding sideways and the near by villages get gulped up by the private residential housing schemes ,  high rise buildings will now be in immense demand.

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