Lahore Ring Road Effects Bahria Town Lahore

Lahore Ring Road Effects Bahria Town Lahore

Lahore Ring Road Effects Bahria Town Lahore Plots which include different Block of Sector C,D,F & E.Lahore Ring Road is the 89 kilometer orbital road around Lahore City. 40 kilometer northern loop was completed in 2010 .  22 kilometer Southern loop is under construction and will be completed by 14th August 2017. Construction of the remaining part of Lahore Ring Road will start soon. it is expected to be completed in short time period.

Lahore Ring Road Effects Bahria Town Lahore

Lahore ring road effects bahria town lahore

The LRRA is currently busy acquiring land for SL-3. If your land falls within the spots being considered for construction then you should be worried. Someone from the authority will be reaching out to landowners soon. If someone has already contacted you then share the offer you have been made in the comments section below.

We already know that the 8-kilometre long SL-3 passes through Bahria Town, an issue that many property owners in the society have been worried about. However, even this development is expected to cause a price hike in Bahria Town for properties that do not lie in the SL-3 path.

The stay was issued in January 2016 after Bahria Town petitioned the courts since the said road was to pass through an under-construction housing scheme owned by the property developer.

Bahria Town’s request to adjourn the hearing until its counsel recovers from his ailment was rejected by the court. Meanwhile, assistant advocate general Punjab and commissioner Lahore informed the court. That construction on the project will be completed by December now that the stay had been vacated.

Responding to the decision. Bahria Town counsel Azhar Siddiq stated that the ruling was given without hearing the arguments of both parties. That his client would challenge the decision in Supreme Court.

Seventy-one houses and three constructed and four under-construction plazas reportedly fall in the path of the Ring Road’s Southern Loop.



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