Golf View Residencia – GVR

Which was once planned to be a major attraction of #BahriaTownLimited, has now been re imagined and re structured. Dreams of thousands where broken as the Government of Pakistan announced their plans of #LahoreRingRoad #SouthernLoop. Stake holders were disappointed and the confidence in Bahria Town Limited was shaken.

The silver lining behind this dark cloud was visible when the southern loop of #LRR was inaugurated and made available to ease the ever increasing load of traffic in #Lahore. Without a shadow of a doubt it’s a remarkable achievement of #FWO to deliver excellence beyond imagination. The importance of #LRR is now being realized by everyone, and the need to complete the project has become even a bigger priority. As the dawn of #NewYear broke upon us it’s has brought along a lot of good news. The rumor is that the re-route of the remaining ring road has been planned and agreed upon by both parties very soon the work will once again continue to complete the ring road.

Golf View Residencia paid the biggest price, to ensure that the need of the people of Lahore is fulfilled. Now that the area has been divided. It is now known as #GVRPHASE1 and #GVRPHASE2. There are more to come, at least two more phases in the future as the work on the ring road is carried out and cleared. The ring road took away the project but gave #GVR a gift as well. GVR has a separate entrance from the #ADDAPLOTINTERCHAGE and this might just solve the lifelong problem of entry and exit for Bahira Town Lahore.

Phase 1 and 2, both are being developed on a rapid speed, the landscape is changing its shape in an unimaginable way. Most of the roads have been cleared, pavements set, Electrical and sewerage work is complete and even the street lights have been installed. Phase one is now accessible from Nirgis Block as well. As far as the Phase 2 is concerned it’s going to be another spark of genius. As the 100 Ft Wide road with both sides commercial will make Phase 2 a prime location and a future business hub. A quick connectivity to the ring road will make it possible for the commuters and residents of GVR to be connected to the whole city and major sites within the city such as the #Airport, without the usual traffic jams. #LRR will be connected to the #M2Motorway once it is complete, making the outer city commute and ease as well.

There is a majority of 10 Marla plots in GVR, and very few options are up for sale. As the development continues the Plot owners are gaining their confidence back, waiting for the picture to be clearer. If you are looking to build a house, which gives you the peace and facilitation of Bahria town and keeps you connected to the whole city GVR is not to be missed. GVR is projected to be one of the best locations to live in Bahria Town Lahore. As the promised date of possession is coming close people are anxiously waiting to turn their dreams to reality. GVR will be rapidly populated as the demand increases, the plot prices are expected to rise.



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