DHA Multan Down Payment date Announced

DHA Multan Down Payment date Announced


Down payment Date announced for DHA Multan project all plot category.
Since the balloting of DHA Multan on 5-05-2017, the market has gone crazy over the rates. There are no deals reported till date on market rates. The balloon of “Own” is getting bigger and bigger by the day.

TPM Analysis

Based on guidelines and time limits set by DHA to make the down payment and installments, The market seems out of proportion when it comes to buying and selling of DHA Multan plots. The expectations of successful candidates are too high or the dealer community is driving the price up on every phone call. It is not advisable to trade on these rates as they will naturally come down when we get close to the Down payment date which is 15-07-2017. With less than five weeks’ time to pay the Down payment the market will definitely come back to its senses within this time.

The noticed attached with this blog basically points out the following, which will affect the market rates of DHA Multan, all plot categories.

1. Date for Down payment is 15-07-2017.
2. If you do not pay the down payment within the given time your plot will be cancelled.
3. Missing 3 installments consecutively may also result in cancellation of your plot.

These things will work in favor of buyers, all these thing point out how fragile the market is and how quickly the rates will adjust themselves once the Down payments are due.

Guidelines for successful candidates of DHA Multan, all plot categories

If you need more information regarding DHA Multan Balloting Results, or you have any sale purchase requirement in DHA Multan, you can contact us via email or our phone numbers given on the contact page.

We hope the investors and general public will get maximum benefits from the said housing and real estate project of the country. The genuine investors can get notable profit from this mega housing and real estate project. So play game wisely. Good Luck my Dear!


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