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Bahria Town Karachi Market update & Investment

Bahria Town Karachi Market update
The real estate market of Bahria Town Karachi is booming nowadays and investors are making significant amount of money within a short span of time. One of the main reasons behind this is extra ordinary development related activities which are undertaking in Bahria Town Karachi which have not been seen before in Pakistan. The workforce of approximately 35,000 employees is engaged in order to ensure that development will be completed as per schedule. The senior management of Bahria Town Pakistan is mainly focusing on Karachi as they consider it their most important project. Billions have been already invested in this project which shows the importance of this project for Mr. Malik Riaz and the management of Bahria Town Pakistan.
Now the most important question is WHY to invest in Bahria Town Karachi? The simple answer is that those who have done their booking in Bahria Town Karachi in 2014 when the project was launched now their investments have been multiplied. The 250 square yards (10 marla) plot in Precinct1 which was booked at 48 lacs its present worth is in between 90 -100 lacs which is a huge appreciation considering the situation of the real estate market of Pakistan over the last 2 years. The real estate market of Bahria Town Karachi is usually compared with the market of DHA Karachi. If the comparison is made between Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Karachi then it is observed that a good location 250 square yard plot in phase 8 of DHA Karachi is still in between 250-300 lacs and on the other hand a good location plot in Bahria Town Karachi can be bought for 80 lacs or maximum 90 lacs. Please do remember that the possession is just given by the management of Bahria Town in the initial precincts and rates will be further increased once the construction related activities will take place.
Before making any decision to invest in Bahria Town Karachi, it is also important to analyze the other investment related opportunities in the real estate market of Pakistan. During the last two years, Gwadar has been the main focus of investors and millions were invested in Gwader. However, the bubble was created and prices brought to a level where further chances of surge are very slim till Dec 2017. DHA market is already inflated and there are more sellers in the market instead of buyers. The prices of new projects in DHA are already very high as compare to those which are in the process of completion. The prices in Bahria Town Karachi is still increasing day by day and the demand of good category plots is very high.
The majority of the investors which are convinced that Bahria Town Karachi is a very safe investment still inquires that where should we invest in Bahria Town Karachi as there are almost 45 precincts and which precincts is better for investment purpose. The prices in the initial precincts have been increased and it is more appropriate to invest in those precincts where the own on the plots is relatively less. The most important area in Bahria Town Karachi where the investment will generate better returns in the near future is Bahria Sports City Karachi. 10 marla plot in Bahria Sports City Karachi was launched for 36 lacs and a good location plot still can be bought for 7-8 lacs own means by paying 44 lacs in instalments a good location 10 marla (250 square yards) plot can be bought.

Hot area to Invest:

It is recommended to buy the good location plots in all precincts, however, the Bahria Sports City is highly recommended especially 1000 square yards (2 Kanal). The main reason behind this is 1000 square yard plots are not in very high quantity in Bahria Town Karachi and its demand is still there. Those who can wait for 1 year can also make investment in Bahria Heights (2 bed apartment). At the present moment approximately 75 lacs needs to be invested and after once year, once the possession is given, the price of Bahria Heights will be minimum 100 lacs to 120 lacs However, any good location plot can be Bahria Town Karachi and after one year it will give you 25-35% return on the investment.
Bahria Town Karachi Market update

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  1. faisal

    what is the current situation. plots in ali block. safe for investment purpose?

    • TPM

      After Balloting you can buy good location plots.

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