Bahria Paradise Karachi map

Bahria Paradise Karachi Map

Bahria Paradise Karachi Map Details, Payment plan, Booking

Bahrai Town Karachi Released Bahria Paradise Karachi Map. Bahria Paradise Karachi Development Started on 16 Sept 2017 as per Balloting Result announced 2 Days before. Since its launch in July 2017, major infrastructure work of Bahria Paradise such as avenues and streets, drainage and sewerage system, culverts, water supply system etc., is progressing at a very fast pace and is very close to its completion.

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Bahria Paradise is Pakistan’s 1st-ever lifestyle community developed around a huge green area inspired by Central Park, New York with a replica of Taj Mahal. Centrally located in the vicinity of Grand Jamia Masjid.


Bahria Paradise Karachi Map is located near precinct 16 in Bahria Town Karachi and 4km from Superhighway. The Grand Jamia Mosque is on the opposite side. Also, there will be a massive replica of Taj Mahal within Bahria Paradise. Its construction will start soon this year.

Bahria Paradise Karachi Map

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Other nearby attractions include:

  • Bahria Dancing Fountain
  • Pakistan’s First Branded Gold Resort
  • Pakistan’s first 36 hole GPA standard golf course.
  • Grand Jamia masjid. worlds 3rd largest Masjid.
  • Carnival Area & New Horizon Restaurant
  • Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium Rafi stadium.
  • International standard Roots millennium school
  • Pakistan’s first international standard Theme Park
  • Night Safari
  • World Class Saudi German Hospital
  • Bahria Presidents Club World Class Gym

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