Bahria Paradise Karachi Balloting

Investment Prospects After the balloting of Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Paradise Karachi Balloting Result Announced. Bahria Paradise Karachi Balloting has done and Map is out Now Development work in progress at Rapid Pace. Bahria Paradise Karachi is promise to be the one of the state of the art Project of Bahria in Karachi. Bahria Paradise Karachi is inspired from Central park New York .

According To Market News After the Balloting and Map Released Rates of Bahria Paradise Karachi Increase and People are very keen to invest in Bahria Paradise Karachi. Rates Will Increase With the passage of Time After the Development of Parks and Commercial Residential Plots will Increase. Plots on Main Boulevard and Near to park has already have a huge gain. If we look on the Map Plots around the great Park Also get huge gain and main attraction of the buyers We Think Bahria Paradise Karachi have room of investment After the Completion of Grand Mosque and Theme Park Plots Near  Will be Increase upto 100%.


What is future of bahria Paradise:

I think Bahria Paradise is an outstanding project with all state of the art facilities and the thing that makes it more valuable is, its development work is on fast pace and most of the roads are already carpeted. Hence you will see old project will get halt but Paradise market will boom. Most of the buying/selling will be done in Bahria Paradise project. Whereas old projects will be slower down, as you know Bahria Sports city in the whole, precinct 32, 33 and some more are already dead.

Why Paradise investment is good:

Many people think that Bahria Paradise launching price is too high but if we see the ground reallities it is still better investment than others. Just take an example of Ali block 125 yards, you will get a good location plot in Ali block 125 yards at around 4.5 to 5 millions, and the whole amount you will pay in cash. Now come to Bahria Paradise, you will get 250 yards good loaction plot at around 2 millions upfront amount where 1 installment also inlcuded and here you will get better loactoin as well than Ali block. It maybe costly but you will be paying in installments and eventually bigger plot with higher value. However, your investment plans should be well measured according to your amount management because you will have to pay quarterly installment Rs. 331,000.

What should I buy in Bahria Paradise:

Lot of people ask me what to buy in Paradise, well its all about your budget but I think you should always go for the best location that comes under your budget because at this moment normal and category plot prices has minor difference but later both prices will be miles away from each other. However, good location plot in back precincts and good location precinct but general plot can also be a good investment approach. Whatever but never invest with plan in mind for short term otherwise situation can be risky.

Good location precincts: Precinct 46, 47, 48 and 49

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